MoviePass Mania – A New Movie-going Adventure

I first heard about MoviePass about a year ago. I was browsing the internet and saw that you could watch a significant number of films each month, one per day, for the price of $50 per month. This seemed like a great concept, but it was a bit out of my price range. While I absolutely love heading to the theater when I can, I couldn’t possibly justify that price point.

Then, in August, about a week before I left for a trip to Italy, I came across this post on Reddit. MoviePass would be dropping their monthly price from $50 to only $9.99 per month.

Apparently, they changed up their monetization model a bit in order to monetize more on collecting user data than strictly the membership. However they managed to make it work, I was hooked on the idea and signed up on September 10, just a few days after returning from Italy.

People were initially skeptical of the Pass, mostly as a result of the seemingly basic (and buggy) phone app and the long delivery wait time for the MoviePass card itself. This is pretty easily explained by the Reddit post going viral and a massive influx of new user registrations. They simply were not prepared for the increased production numbers initially, but it seemed fairly clear that this was the case, with my card delayed – yet on the way! My intuition was confirmed when I received an email with the expected wait-time increased by 2 weeks as the company set themselves up to produce and ship cards at a greater scale.

This morning I checked my mail and my MoviePass card had arrived. WHAMMIE!

After breakfast, I headed straight to the theater to watch The Foreigner with my all-you-can-watch ticket. I had some initial concerns over the app not seeming to work, but when I arrived and used the self-service ticket kiosk, the card worked and my ticket printed just fine. So I think it’s more of a mediocre app UI, with a really cool subscription attached to it. With that newer investment money coming into play, the app is likely already being redesigned and updated as I write this.

As a kid, I developed a love for going to the movies with family and friends. We would go for birthdays, on holidays, or after church on Sunday – whenever we had some free time and just wanted to take in some entertainment. So now I find myself with what seems like a superpower, being able to see a new movie every single day of the month. While it’s obvious that I will not be able to get to the theater EVERY day, I am going to be spending some regularly scheduled visits to the nearest MJR (or AMC) very soon!

If you want more info on MoviePass or my own experiences with it, reach out on Twitter or via email and I would be glad to help!

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